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The OpenCD project aims to introduce users of MS-Windows to the benefits of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). They include only the highest quality programs, which have been carefully tested for stability and which they consider appropriate for a broad audience. They provide a description and screen-shots of each program, so you can get an idea of what it does before installing. All these applications install and un-install cleanly, so you can be comfortable testing them with the knowledge that they will not adversely affect your system. The programs on the disc are all distributed under an Open Source License (OSI approved), which allows you to freely use and distribute them. You may even change the programs using the source code, which is made available, and distribute your own modified versions, provided you then in turn make the source code available, and give appropriate credit to past contributors. Open CD has made a small collection of only the highest quality OSS for Windows, easily available on a CD. When you insert the disc into your computer it automatically launches a browser that will guide you through the contents of the disc, presenting the various programs, and allow you to easily install them. The programs are carefully selected to ensure stability, ease of use and a clean install and un-install from your computer. This CD is intended as a first introduction to the world of OSS, but it is Open CD’s hope that you will later go on to explore other projects, and at some stage you may even want to try a whole new operating system such as Linux.

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