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Taking action to close the IT skills gap in the current and future workforce is a critical challenge for business, labor, education, government, and the nonprofit sector that requires urgent attention by all stakeholders. This report sets out NPA's Digital Economic Opportunity Committee's recommendations for increasing the number of U.S. workers with IT skills. The report also includes examples of IT-related workforce development programs, many in a labor-management context, that illustrate how the recommendations can be implemented. These findings and recommendations resulted from a series of nine meetings and three conferences held by the DEOC over the life of the project.

  • Cataloged: 2002-08-19
  • Contributor: mailto:[email protected]
  • Author/Creator: Digital Economic Opportunity Committee (DEOC)
  • Publisher: Digital Economic Opportunity Committee (DEOC)
  • Rights: Digital Economic Opportunity Committee (DEOC)
  • Source: Digital Economic Opportunity Committee (DEOC)
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